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 Fri 27 Sep - Fri 4 October 2024

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 Mon 31 July 2023

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 Thu 23 – Wed 29 Nov 2023

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 Wed 20 Mar - Thu 11Apr 2024

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 Sat 13 Jan - Sun 4 Feb 2024

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Welcome,  welcome back.

If you are new to St James Rail (SJR) - welcome.

To our regular SJR travellers - welcome back.


St James Rail specialise in personalised, escorted tours, across Australia and around the world - we’ve been looking after people for more than 40 years as we explore the world by rail.


We are very proud that our tours are researched, planned and led by us - Takako Ishige and Owen Johnstone-Donnet - who are you personal contacts and tour leaders from the first email or phone call, until the end of the tour.  


Featuring Tours


Join us for a twenty-three day tour to experience the beauty of the Swiss and Austrian alps by rail during the summer months – we journey on some of the most scenic and spectacular rail lines of Europe; cruise on century old paddle steamers; enjoy mountain rack railways and cable cars; dine on the move; and swim in beautiful lakes. Delight in the wonderful mountain railways to the ‘top of the world’ and stay in lovely hotels - as we travel by rail through the remarkably beautiful mountains, valleys and lake districts of Switzerland and Austria.(...)

Date: Sat 9 Jun to Thu 4 Jul 2024

THE ROYAL TRAIN through regional VIC

Join our new tour with the heritage Royal Train in Victoria. Proudly maintained and operated by the Seymour Rail Heritage Centre (SRHC.) Experience four days travel aboard our private train, including the Parlor and State Cars of the original Royal Train. The ‘Royal Train’ takes us from Melbourne to Camperdown, whilst enjoying breakfast in the Dining Car, where we board road coaches to travel to the Great Ocean Road, and to Warrnambool for two nights. (...)

Date: Thu 23 - Wed 29 Nov 2023


Join us for one of our most popular tours to Japan – a twenty-two day tour to view cherry blossoms on the Japanese islands of Kyushu, Honshu and Hokkaido. Enjoy nights in excellent hot spring (Onsen) resorts. Travel first class on the high speed 'Shinkansen' trains – making your journey very comfortable. Enjoy special scenic rail journeys. Taste local cuisine at ‘Izakaya’ restaurants and fine traditional (Kaiseki) dinners featuring local produce. The tour is led by Japanese speaking expert Takako Ishige and Owen Johnstone-Donnet, who have designed and organised the tour. Even if you’ve been to Japan before, you’ll visit different locations and have a deeper cultural experience.

Date: Wed 20 Mar – Thu 11 Apr 2024


Join us for a twenty-one day tour to experience the beauty of winter in Norway – hunting the Aurora Borealis – the famed Northern Lights. The Aurora Borealis offer an entrancing, dramatic, magical display that fascinates all who see it — but just what causes this dazzling natural phenomenon? With many opportunities to experience the Northern Lights in the dramatic Norwegian landscape, from both land and sea, this tour offers a special insight into both nature’s amazing light show, and the beauty of the Norwegian fjords and coast in winter. Return by rail from Trondheim, Norway, through central Norway to the UNESCO world heritage town of Røros, and experience the beauty of winter with horse sleigh rides, dog sledding, walks in snow covered nature and the relaxing and refreshing facilities of our spa hotel.

Date: Sunday 4 to Wednesday 26 February 2024

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