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About St James Rail

St James Rail is a boutique travel agent which has offered fully escorted trips by rail in Australia and around the world. We are proud that all our tours are planned and organised In detail by the tour leaders you travel with.  With our professional and friendly tour leaders, you can enjoy the interesting and also flexible journeys! As over thousands of SJR travellers met through our journeys and have cherished their long lasting friendships, you are always welcome to join us and have a wonderful holiday.

Rail Tours

St James Rail offers exciting and interesting rail journeys in Australia and around the world. We believe that travelling by train is both comfortable and the best way to experience the country. Once you sit back in your comfortable seat, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery from the large panoramic windows. Sometimes you can enjoy a glass of wine with nibbles as you chat with your fellow travellers . We also meet and talk with local people and learn more about the country than you learnt from your guide book. Why not travel with us? We are delighted to introduce you to our rail journeys and to make your holiday with us memorable.

Travel in a group but with flexibility like an individual

It is good to meet new people and  have the company of a group tour. But this can mean less flexibility? You are always welcome to leave the party and organise your own activity to meet your interests, and we can help you to do so. Also you can meet your friends or family or invite your friends or family to journey partly on the tour. On St James Rail tours you can have the benefit of traveling in a group and also have some of the flexibility of an individual traveller.

Fully escorted by the planners and organisers of the tour

St James Rail are proud that our tours are planned and organised by the tour leaders with whom you travel - Takako Ishige and Owen Johnstone-Donnet. Your tour leaders have not only knowledge, but also have a great passion to introduce and share their experiences with you during the tour. Also our tour leaders are enthusiastic to make your holiday special - our many repeat travellers have enjoyed a high level of personalised attention and service.

Owen and Takako have extensive travel experience, as well as backgrounds in government, transport, international trade and marketing, and hospitlity service.

Over 40 years

St James Rail started as the idea of Owen Johnstone-Donnet at St James Anglican Church, King St, Sydney, Australia in 1981. Special carriages and trains carried thousands of people on pilgrimage to the cathedrals of NSW. Over 40 years, many  thousands of friends have enjoyed the encounters and cherished the friendships made both  domestically and internationally though our rail tours, and with their support, we continue to organise varied and interesting tours. St James Rail value and appreciate our customers and their on-going support, and we are committed to providing the best travel experiences to them in the future.

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